General statement

Volos Tugs Shipping Company as a group was formed on 15th November 1979 by Captain Leonidas Giannisis, in order to manage and operate Tug Boats in Vols port. Capt. Leonidas begun the tug boat operation and management starting in 1977 On its formation the company owned only

  • T/B MARIA ELENA BHP 460 N.TH. 295 in 1977 followed by
  • T/B OLYMPOS BHP 2x 250 New building in 1978 in Thessaloniki
  • T/B LEON BHP 480
  • T/B POSEIDON BHP 480 New building in1979 in Piraeus

and slowly building up a group of tugboats up to September 1988, when he handed over the operation to his son George Giannisis. Here is a list of tug boats in chronological order of purchasing since then:

  • T/B KOYLA BHP 300 in 1980
  • T/B DEMOSTHENES GIANNISIS N.V. 562 BHP 2 X 250 in 1982
  • T/B AXILLEAS BHP 960 - In 1984
  • T/B ATROMITOS BHP 1060 - In 1985
  • T/B K.XRISTOPOYLOS BHP 370 - In 1985
  • T/B LAKON BHP 720 PUR- In 1986
  • T/B MAKEDONIA BHP 940 - In 1994
  • T/B KENTAYROS BHP 2000 - IN 1996
  • T/B PELION BHP 1050 - in 1998
  • T/B FAETHON BHP 960 in 1999
  • T/B ODYSSEAS BHP 1142 - New Building in Chalkida in 2001

George Giannisis and Franceska Giannisi now manage a fleet of 7 tugs and one utility vessel (Launch). ( Particulars of the tugs sown on our fleet section).

It is the Company`s intention to further supplement its fleet in the near future with the purchase of a tug of 4000 BHP. Mr. George Giannisis, Phd and Mrs Franceska Giannisis M.A. FICS have the management and the control of the running of the Company on a day today basis from the offices of the Company in Volos.

At the beginning the tugs operated in the Volos port area and the Gulf of Pagassitikos. Now the tugs of the fleet operate within the Greek territorial waters, in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. The tugs are primarily engaged in harbour work, towage and salvage.

Also, the Company offers services of customary towage of ships calling at the Heracles Cement Factory at Agria, Greece, Mamidakis - EKO at Stylis, Greece, Elinoil in Agria Volos, Agroinvest at Achladi, Greece and LAVA at Yali of Nissiros Island, Greece.

The Company also provides assistance to harbour construction works and cable lying. Since the Company`s formation, our tugs have performed four (4) Lloyds Open Form Salvage Services and on one occasions acted as Subcontractors to other head Contractors in the Lloyds Form.

More services have been the subject of lumpsum contacts or have been settled amicably or have been resolved through proceedings in the Greek Courts.

As far as the crew complement is concerned, this depends on the engine BHP. And area of operation, It ranges from a crew of (3) three on BHP 500-960 and (4)four from 1000 to 2000BHP and a crew of (6) over 2000 BHP.

The Company`s tugs are equipped for salvage services, have fire fighting equipment and are equipped with appropriate wires, ropes, VHF`s, portable pumps, welding equipment, breathing apparatus etc.

In addition to the equipment, the Company maintains a shore based store at Volos includind equipment for antipolution services. At present the Company has on its pay role an average of 24 employees who are well trained and experienced Masters and crew members, technical and support staff ensuring the continued maintenance of all tugs and reliable services.

On the whole our tug-crews are on full time employment with us for many years and they are available at short notice even if off duty in order to man an extra or more tugs should it be required urgently.