Safety & Environmental Protection Policy

The present policy refers to all vessels managed by VOLOS TUGS Union Shipping Co. henceforth to be referred to as the "Company".

The Company, recognising it`s responsibilities on this issue, guarantees either ashore or onboard, will be effectively supervised in order to comply with the aims listed hereunder in order of priority:

  • Avoidance of injury and loss of human life
  • Protection of the environment - especially of the marine environment
  • Maintenance of the highest technical and operational standards for the ship
  • Protection of the ship and its crew from illegal practices
  • Safe and efficient operation of the vessel, safe and efficient tugs operation operations.

In case there is a conflict between commercial interests and the aims of the Safety and Environment Protection Policy, the Master will give priority to the above mentioned goals and objectives.

For the implementation of these objectives:

  • The International and National legislation is complied with and decisions of the international shipping community are taken into account.
  • The Company ensures the hiring of properly qualified personnel. The personnel undergo training both immediately upon hiring and continuously during their employment.
  • Every member of the shore or ship personnel is familiar with the requirements of the SMS, evaluates the effectiveness of the System and duly informs the Master and the DPA of any observed malfunctions or makes suggestions for improvement.
  • All necessary measures are taken for the prevention of accidents. The Head of each department, the Masters and all personnel in general support the Company Policy in this field by the timely implementation of all necessary corrective actions.
  • All personnel is obliged to take part in the scheduled drills on matters of safety and environmental policy. The drills are pre-scheduled and their results are evaluated.
  • The voyage, the tug operation and the shipborne operations are scheduled, as far as possible, in advance, in order to foresee possible dangers and take the necessary precautions.

The Company recognises the Master`s overriding authority and responsibility to make decisions with regard to safety of human life, property and the environment even if such decisions are in conflict with the SMSM.

The Policy is revised whenever necessary in order to ensure that the aims set are achieved and to monitor the correctness and effectiveness of the procedures and guidelines given.

The Company applies the following procedures in order to ensure that its policy is understood and applied by its personnel:

  • The Policy is written in a language understood by the all personnel.
  • The Policy declaration has been posted in the Company offices and onboard the ship (Bridge, Engine Room, Smoke Room).
  • The Head of each department communicates with the personnel under his command and sets aims based on Company policy.
  • The General Manager sets an example of implementation of the Policy with his actions.
  • Compliance with the policy is verified during the annual internal audits.