Our Clients

Some of our Clients with whom we have worked under TIME CHARTER.

  • AGET HERAKLES (Cement Company Member of LAFARGE Group)
  • ANEK HERAKLES (Shipping Co Member of LAFARGE Group)
  • LAVA S.A. (Mining Co Member of LAFARGE Group)
  • EKO ELDA (Petrochemical Industry)
  • GINES MENTEZ S.A. (Sea farming)
  • TEMASA SPAIN (Telecommunication cable laying)
  • RECARDO FUENTES (Sea farming)
  • NIREUS S.A. (Sea farming)
  • BLUE FIN TUNA S.A. (Sea farming)
  • AGROINVEST S.A. (Agricultural products PROCESING PLANT)
  • SOVEL S.A. (Steel Works)
  • KONSTANDINIDIS X.D. S.A. (Offshore and Harbour construction)
  • VIOTER S.A. (Offshore and Harbour Construction)
  • ARXIMIDIS S.A. (Offshore and Harbour Construction)
  • MARINA LEYKADOS S.A. (Offshore and Harbour Construction)
  • SFERA ATE (Offshore and Harbour Construction)
  • BALAFAS ATE (Offshore and Harbour Construction)
  • SARANTOPOULOS I.K. S.A. (Offshore and Harbor Construction)
  • ORIZON ATE (Offshore and Harbor Construction)
  • BITKO ATE (Offshore and Harbour Construction)
  • NEW EUROFISH May-July 2008
  • ERGO A.E. (Offshore and Harbour Construction) 2008-2009

At the moment we have the following Tugs under time charter namely:

  • "DEMOSTHENIS GIANNISIS" Chartered by LAVA S.A to provide towage and supply services to their installations at Yiali Island.
  • "ODYSSEAS" chartered by AGET HERAKLES to provide towage and other services to their Cement factory installations at Agria Volos.
  • "ATROMITOS" chartered by EKO ELDA to provide fire security to the ships unloading flammable cargoes at EKO`s installations at Pagasitikos Gulf.
  • "ACHILLEAS" charterred by ELINOIL to provide security to ships unloading flammable cargoes at ELINOIL installations in Pagasitikos Gulf.